Comparative Animal Behavior

Report – Asymmetry and Symmetry in Brain Waves from Dolphin Left and Right Hemispheres

– This is a group project for Comparative Animal Behavior. It is “an exercise in communicating complex concepts to an audience that might not have background in this area” (Quoted directly from course syllabus). The report itself is a 6 page analysis of an experiment to test whether or not there are marked differences between the brain waves in the left and right hemisphere of the bottlenose dolphin brain.

Formatting Statement 

Strengths: Since this was a group project, we split up sections. Sections completed by me are: Results, Conclusion, Broader Context and Future Research. I believe this report demonstrates my ability to communicate the information from an article or research paper. The main strength is the communication of the complex ideas of brain waves in dolphins. I believe the report is written well; it covers everything in the article that it is based on.

Weaknesses: The biggest weakness of this paper is probably the writing style. It was designed to be a quick supplement overview of a presentation given in class. Due to this reason, it is short bullet points, usually full sentences but not always. This report doesn’t represent my ability to write a thoughtful, critical MLA essay, but it shows how versatile my writing style can be.